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About Our Church

New Hope Baptist Church

New Hope is an Independent Baptist church with no affiliation to a convention or other earthly authority.

We fellowship with other like minded churches / believers, and hold The Word Of God as our final authority on all matters concerning the Church, its Ordinances, its Ministry, and Conduct of Leadership and Members.

We exclusively use the

King James Version

of the scriptures .


We also practice

Church Ordinances of Believers Baptism

and the Lord's Supper.


Partaking of these does not constitute or contribute

to salvation.

That comes only by grace thru faith in Christ.


But rather, as believers, in Baptism, we testify that we have died to ourselves and are raised in the newness of life in Christ.

And Jesus commanded the disciples to partake of the Last Supper in remembrance of Him until He comes.



New Hope has been in the Village of Linndale

for over 22 years.

Linndale is a small village which is surrounded by the West Side of Cleveland

on 3 sides and Brooklyn on its south west border. 

Linndale locally might be best known as a speed trap, however we appreciate the community and the Officers that serve.

the Faith

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